Goldline Scottish Curling Tour

April 14, 2019

Ross Whyte took on Michael Reid in a Semi that was very well controlled by team Whyte. Sitting 5-2 up after 4, Ross blanked 5 & 6. In 7 he was sitting against 2 with his final stone. He made the hit for 1 and Reid shook hands with a final score of 6-2.

The other high road Semi was much closer between Kinnear & Wilson, peels after 7, Kinnear had hammer. Kinnear's lead Mathew McKenzie played a perfect tick with his first, but was a touch high with his second attempt, leaving a centre guard. On skips stones John...

April 14, 2019

The lineup for the British Open Semi Finals has been decided.   John Wilson plays Callum Kinnear and Michael Reid will play Ross Whyte. 

John Wilson won his game against the English team Woolston, with Andrew Reed skiping.  Andrew had a tricky double takeout in the 8th to force an extra end, but just jammed on one of his own stones.

Callum Kinnear took an important 2 in the 5th end to hold a lead against Gavin Reid's team, skipped by his cousin David.  Callum's team controlled the rest of the gam...

April 14, 2019

A 9am start at The Peak this morning, the 4 Quarter finals are currently at the half way point and all games are fairly tight.   The ice is keen and approx. 4-5 feet of swing, perfect conditions for Quarter Finals.   Line scores after 4 ends are below:

April 14, 2019

Day 2 at the British open had a bit of everything, from top level curling to a delicious buffet and even a chance to shoot a haggis.

The curling:

In the A road, Whyte beat McAughtrie 8-5 and Kinnear beat Michael Read 8-4

Session 1 B road G Read 7 - 2 Fawns, McCleary 7 - 1 Ainslie, Wilson 7 - 5 Davis, Woolston 6 - 3 Gray

Session 1 C road Kesley 12 - 6 Steele, Marshall 11 - 4 Jackson

Session 2 C road Marshall 9 - 0 Ainslie, Fawns 5 - 3 Kesley

Session 3 B road Wilson 7 - 2 McAughtrie, Woolston 9 - 4 M Reid, McCleary 8...

April 13, 2019

Friday's 10am session at the Peak kicked off with some very hard fought games.

Callum Kinnear vs Paul Davis came down to an extra end. The winner of last year’s British Open Kinnear managing to steal a 2 in the extra to take the game 8-6.

The Robert Fawns vs Jennifer Marshall game also came down to the wire and also had its fair share of drama, having a measure where they had real trouble determining shot stone, having to measure over and over again, with Marshall eventually being awarded the shot. Fawns led 7-...

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