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Early Morning Action from Braehead Open

An early start at Braehead again this morning for the Quarter Final games.

Bryce was up against Team Ireland, and it was a dominant performance from Bryce's team, scoring 7 points in the first three ends. A 1 in end 4 for the Irish wasn't enough to put them back in the game, so Bryce moves on to the semi final stage. They will face Team Woolston in the semi final, who defeated Team Hardie this morning. The game was all tied after the bell, so a draw shot challenge was required. Grant Hardie's stone was swept well, and sat just in front of the button. Andy Woolston's stone was almost overswept, but it pulled up just behind the button, millimetres closer than Hardie's.

Blank ends and singles in the first few ends of the game between Hare and Gray, but a steal of 2 edged Hare ahead, and ultimately proved a big turning point for Team Hare, who will now face Team Marshall in the semi final. A score of 4 in the fourth end was the big turning point for Team Marshall after exchanges of ones in early ends.

The semi-finals are on the ice at 11.30am, and they are joined on the ice by the Low Road teams.

Scores will continue to be live tweeted, follow us @GoldlineSCT for the updates!

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