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Dumfries News - Live Curling!

The second session of round robin games is currently on the ice at Dumfries Ice Bowl.

Each section comprises 5 teams - so 2 games per session with one team having a bye.

This afternoon's session saw Bryce defeat Pougher, and Jamieson defeat Blair in Section A. Gallacher was the stronger team in their match up against McNay, and Taylor beat Harmjanz. (byes for Morton in Section A, and Hare in Section B)

Section A evening games:

Gallacher v Harmjanz

Hare v Taylor

Section B evening games:

Bryce v Jamieson

Morton v Pougher

You can catch Bryce v Jamieson (the teams currently top of Section B) on the DIBCA live stream!

Live streams of selected games will be available across the weekend.

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