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Curling Extravaganza at the Peak!

The final competition of the Goldline Scottish Curling Tour kicks off next Friday 27th April, with the very welcome return of the British Open, at The Peak in Stirling. It’s worth mentioning how good this event will be, not just from a player’s perspective, but also for all those who love to watch a substantial amount of curling.

Not only is there a nail biter of a showdown to find the ultimate Tour winner, but Active Stirling intends to show coverage of the World Mixed Doubles Championship and also the Champions Cup.

It’s good to see GSCT committee members will actually be playing in all three events.

Michael Goodfellow has a team in the British open and will definitely be one to watch.

Jayne Stirling, with her partner Fraser Kingan will be representing Scotland at the World Mixed Doubles in Oestersund, Sweden 21st-28th April.

Tune in to youtube earlier in the week to start watching this

Scotland v Sweden will be shown live at 16:45 on Mon 23rd April, as well as one other game during the week and of course, the playoffs, which start on Friday 27th.

Bruce Mouat and his team have been rewarded for their successes this year, with an invite to the Champions Cup in Calgary, Canada 24th-29th April. At 23, Bruce became the youngest ever skip to earn a men’s title in the Grand Slam of Curling, at the Boost National, in November. Team Mouat have won four other tour titles this season plus the Scottish Championship and of course, the bronze at the Worlds.

A special mention should also go out to Hammy McMillan Jr, from Bruce’s team, who is on the organising committee of the British Open.

While not a GSCT committee member (yet), Eve Muirhead and her team, who have also made it into the Champions Cup, by winning the European Championship, will be representing our title sponsor “Goldline”.

If that is not enough excitement for you, then add to that the fact that the World Seniors is also on in Oestersund, Sweden, running alongside the Mixed Doubles.

Susan Kesley will be representing Scotland in the Ladies and Gordon Muirhead will be representing Scotland in the Mens. Other teams are available!

So, with 6 competitions in 3 time zones to choose from, the British Open weekend is looking like a spectator’s dream. Bring the family, have a drink and get comfy, for your final curling fix for the season!

Good luck to all those curling in all 6 events and we look forward to seeing many of you spectator types at The Peak.

Games start Friday 27th at 10am.

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