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British Open - Draws 3 and 4

In the B road Marshall beat Haswell 7-4; Fleming beat McAughtrie 8-5; Goodfellow beat Sharp 8-3; while Davis beat Woolston 5-3. Here are some of these teams in action:

In the 2nd round of the A-Road the big game was between Bryce and Kinnear. A steal of 3 to Kinnear in the 5th was decisive with Cameron conceding at 7-3.

McCleary took an early lead in his local derby against Gordon Jackson going 4-0 up, but the Jackson side fought back with four singles to tie the game after 6. McCleary then managed to steady the ship and close out a 6-5 win.

Meanwhile the welsh dragons of Team Pougher continued their strong form beating Brian Ferguson 6-2. Michael Reid led Luke Carson most of the game but slipped in the 7th losing a three only to give up a steal of 2 in the last to lose a sore one 8-7.

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