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British Open Finals

The High road final between Bryce and Kinnear started with a cagey first end, which resulted in a blank. The second end however was back to business for both sides. Without hammer, Bryce drew top 4 foot with his last, with a wall of stones just behind the tee, the viewing gallery presuming it wouldn't be going anywhere. Team kinnear had other ideas though and after a full team discussion, Callum played a brilliant "very" skinny double to take a 3, pumping their team up for the battle ahead. Bryce replied with a 2 in the third, but Kinnear came straight back with another 3 in the fourth. The teams then traded singles, but despite great efforts, there was to be no big comeback for Team Bryce, so with a 7-3 final score, Team Kinnear became British open Champions 2018.

In the Low Road final, Hannah Fleming and her team came out swinging, against Team Woolston, taking a 3 in the first. There were a couple of blanks, before Woolston took a 2 in the 4th. The teams then traded 1's, and blanked the 7th, leaving Fleming with hammer in the 8th and also a 1 shot lead. Woolston made it as difficult as he could for Hannah, but she managed to pick out the Woolston shot with her last, to lie 2 and win the J. B. Stewart memorial trophy with a 6-3 fnal score.

In the Consolation cup, the deuce was the order of the day, Brian Ferguson kicking it off with a 2 in the first. John Sharp hit straight back with a 2 in the second and then stole a 2 in the third. Not to be outdone, Ferguson replied with a pair of deuces in the fourth and fifth. Sharp evened the scoring with another 2 in the sixth, but Ferguson again replied with a 2 in the seventh, to head down the last, 2 up without hammer. For most of the eighth end it was looking like Sharp might get yet another deuce and take it to an extra end, but a couple of slight mistakes by the Sharp team gave Ferguson the chance to run them out of stones, which he achieved with his last stone. Sharp did not play his last and Ferguson won the Consolation cup 8-6 in what had been a very entertaining game.

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