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British open day 1 report

Friday's 10am session at the Peak kicked off with some very hard fought games.

Callum Kinnear vs Paul Davis came down to an extra end. The winner of last year’s British Open Kinnear managing to steal a 2 in the extra to take the game 8-6.

The Robert Fawns vs Jennifer Marshall game also came down to the wire and also had its fair share of drama, having a measure where they had real trouble determining shot stone, having to measure over and over again, with Marshall eventually being awarded the shot. Fawns led 7-4 after 7 ends, but Marshall managed to score a big 3 in the 8th to take it to the extra. Fawns managed to use his hammer well, eventually taking the game 8-7.

The two other games in this session did not make it to the extra, with Michael Read beating John Wilson 7-3 and Gavin Reid (with David Reid throwing fourth stones) beating Gordon Jackson 10-2

The 1pm session did not let us down either, with some great curling and what is sure to be the comeback of the tournament.

Ross Whyte cruised to a 14-2 win over John Steele and Lee McCleary always seemed in control with his 7-4 win over Bill Gray. Norman Ainslie, who was peels with Susan Kesley after 5, managed a big steal of 4 in the 7th, which was to be the turning point of the game and a 9-4 win. The crown for biggest comeback will surely go to Andrew McAughtrie this weekend, who was 1-6 down after 5 against Andrew Woolston (Being skipped in his absence by Andrew Reid). McAughtrie took a big 5 in the 6th and followed it up with a steal of 2 in the 7th and a steal of 3 in the 8th, eventually winning it 11-6.

The 4pm session had plenty of drama too.

Wilson went out to an early lead, with a pair of 4’s in the 1st and 3rd ends, eventually beating Jackson 10-4. Woolston was on fire against Kesley, taking the game 13-4. Davis vs Marshall was a much tighter one, with Davis taking a 2 and a 1 in 7 and 8, winning the game 8-6. In the final game of this session Gray made an attempt to steal the McAughtrie comeback crown. Gray was 1-5 down after 4 vs Steele, but managed to take a 3, then 3 singles for the 7-5 victory.

The 7pm session had its share of close games.

Whyte’s 4 in the 3rd was always going to make it difficult for McCleary to come back from and Ross’s 2 in the 7th sealed the deal for his 8-4 victory. McAughtrie vs Ainslie was peels after 5, but McAughtrie managed a 3 and a 2 in 6 and 7 to take the win. The Reid brothers faced off and made it a tight game with Michael sitting 1 up without hammer after 7 ends. Gavin (Dave playing 4th stones) had a double for the win, but it didn’t quite come off and Michael took it 5-3. The last matchup of the day was Fawns vs Kinnear. Fawns was sitting comfortably 9-5 up after 7 ends played, but Kinnear managed to manufacture a 4 in the 8th to take it to the extra. Kinnear wasn't finished with his manufacturing, managing a big steal of 2 in the extra, for a nail biting 11-9 victory.

Props of the day should also go to the Fawns rink for all turning up dressed as Ryan Fry. For those who are not aware of Mr Fry’s antics, he made a bit of a name for himself at last year’s Red Deer Classic, being asked to leave (with the whole Jacobs team) after some over indulgence and non sportsman like behavior. Fawns attempt at this mimicry did not quite go to plan, as all those watching from the gallery did not pick up on all the painstaking nuances of these intricate outfits and just presumed they had all come as Kevin Koe. :)

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