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British Open Semis complete

Ross Whyte took on Michael Reid in a Semi that was very well controlled by team Whyte. Sitting 5-2 up after 4, Ross blanked 5 & 6. In 7 he was sitting against 2 with his final stone. He made the hit for 1 and Reid shook hands with a final score of 6-2.

The other high road Semi was much closer between Kinnear & Wilson, peels after 7, Kinnear had hammer. Kinnear's lead Mathew McKenzie played a perfect tick with his first, but was a touch high with his second attempt, leaving a centre guard. On skips stones John Wilson went to put up another center guard, but it picked up just after the hogline, going right to the side of the sheet. With his final stone, Callum Kinnear just needed to hit and stick anywhere in the house, which he achieved for a 6-5 win and a place in the final against Ross Whyte.

In the low road Fawns beat Gray 7-4 and Marshall beat Davis 11-2

In the Consolation cup Kesley beat Jackson 9-2 and Ainslie beat Steel 9-1

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