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British Open Day 2 Report

Day 2 at the British open had a bit of everything, from top level curling to a delicious buffet and even a chance to shoot a haggis.

The curling:

In the A road, Whyte beat McAughtrie 8-5 and Kinnear beat Michael Read 8-4

Session 1 B road G Read 7 - 2 Fawns, McCleary 7 - 1 Ainslie, Wilson 7 - 5 Davis, Woolston 6 - 3 Gray

Session 1 C road Kesley 12 - 6 Steele, Marshall 11 - 4 Jackson

Session 2 C road Marshall 9 - 0 Ainslie, Fawns 5 - 3 Kesley

Session 3 B road Wilson 7 - 2 McAughtrie, Woolston 9 - 4 M Reid, McCleary 8 - 2 G Reid

Session 3 C road Gray 7 - 2 Davis

Session 4 was the last chance saloon for anyone wanting to continue in the high road, although some may have had motivational issues, with the losers of these games being awarded the elusive lie-in in the morning, so these were all very close games

McAughtrie vs Fawns was peels going into 8. McAughtrie, with hammer called Fawns bluff and guarded a shot on the back of the button with his life. Fawns was left with a very difficult 20ft raise, wick, rub, shimmy to lie shot. The cameras were all out for the youtube scoop, but it wasn’t to be and McAughtrie didn't have to throw his last, winning 5-4.

Marshall vs Michael Reid also came down to the wire. Reid with hammer, managed to keep it relatively open. Marshall was left with a tough freeze tap with her last, which had just the right weight, but sat a little high and never quite made it in for shot. Reid didn’t throw his last and won 6-5

Gavin Reid vs Bill Gray was a high scoring game, with 4’s being swapped and was peels after 8. The extra end had some great shot making, but Reid made use of his last stone advantage for a 9-8 win.

Before the last session of the evening everyone was invited to take part in a “Haggis Shoot”. A stunned haggis was placed on top of a curling stone, in the centre of the ice. Shooters gathered at the 4 corners of the rink and were invited to throw stones towards the haggis, closest stone at the end wins. This went down a storm and became very competitive, as the haggis could also be hit. I think this will prove a very popular addition to the revamped British Open. Here is organizer Gavin Fleming presenting the Haggis Shoot prize to winner James Whiteford.

Players were also treated to a delicious and well received buffet, which was hearty enough to aid most of those who then headed for the bright lights of downtown Stirling.

So, to Sunday’s curling:

High road Quarter finals

Wilson vs Woolston

Kinnear vs G Reid

McAughtrie vs Whyte

McCleary vs M Reid

Low road Semi finals

Davis vs Marshall

Fawns vs Gray

Consolation Cup Semi finals

Jackson vs Kesley

Ainslie vs Steele

Those still vying for top spot and the £2000 first prize in the Goldline Scottish Curling Tour are Team Kinnear and Team Whyte

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