British open Finals and GSCT finale

Whyte vs Kinnear was not only the final of the British Open, but also the Grand Finale of the Goldline Scottish Curling Tour 2018/19, the victor winning the Tour, the Colin Galbraith Junior memorial trophy and £2000 from Goldline. The loser won't be too disheartened, picking up a nice little cheque for £1000 from Goldline and team Brydone who were not playing this weekend will receive £500 from Goldline, for 3rd place.

The final was a lot closer than the score would dictate, but Kinnear was always chasing the game and Whyte never looked as if he was going to give away a big end, so it was hand shakes after 5, with Whyte winning 7-1.

The Low road final was relatively close, but Fawns ran Marshall out of stones in the 8th for a 7-4 victory.

The Consolation cup was looking very one sided, with Ainslie leading Kesley 6-1 after 5. Kesley however rallied and ground out the victory, with 3 consecutive 2's, to win 7-6.