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British Open Semi Finals

The lineup for the British Open Semi Finals has been decided. John Wilson plays Callum Kinnear and Michael Reid will play Ross Whyte.

John Wilson won his game against the English team Woolston, with Andrew Reed skiping. Andrew had a tricky double takeout in the 8th to force an extra end, but just jammed on one of his own stones.

Callum Kinnear took an important 2 in the 5th end to hold a lead against Gavin Reid's team, skipped by his cousin David. Callum's team controlled the rest of the game and sealed it in the 8th with a single. Callum is one of 2 teams who are now in a pole position to win the Goldline Scottish Curling Tour, the only other team that can pip them is Ross Whyte's outfit who won this morning as well.

Ross Whyte was in control of his Quarter throughout, winning 6-2 in the end. Ross can win the GSCT if he wins the British Open.

On the end sheet, Michael Reid beat Lee McCleary in a very tight game, despite the end score. Every end had plenty of stones in play with a lot of good curling but things went the way of Michael's team and he'll play Ross Whyte in the Semi Final.

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